New Cairo

The Fifth Settlement as a whole consists of the First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth developments as well as the West Golf. Street 90, just off of the Ring Road, is essentially the main road that’s used around there
Life in New Cairo is distanced from the ruckus of the more central cities.
The streets are wider, the gardens more plentiful and because of its elevation, the weather tends to be a lot cooler with the air a lot cleaner; it is the only place in Cairo where frost is found in the winter seasons.

The houses there are grand and spacious – many of them with Roman columns at their doors; the streets are paved in cobblestone and the landscape is filled with gardens and trees. In other words, it is another world.

The Downtown Mall is good for clothes shopping and also has a side street with a strip of cafes including the French origin, upscale, Paul.
Meeting Point, close to AUC, is filled food outlets and also has a cinema; it is most visited by students from the nearby campus.
Rehab City, at the intersection of the Ring Road and the Cairo/Suez road, is a fully developed community that is made up of ten phases.

Lake View Residence

Residential Projects: Lake View Residence

Developer Name: Lake View

Type: Apartments - Duplexes

LakeView Residence is launching PHASE II in October! The state of art modern designs and comfortable life
A charming community has been created with state of the art buildings that stand out for their exceptional designs and beautiful surroundings of landscape; this gated community is known as Lake View Residences. It gathers the beauty of having a splendid view from your home, a safe and secure environment to live in, and all the amenities you need in one area. They say home is where the heart is and there is a fair chance you will fall in love with this place the moment you set eyes on it .